Услуги адвоката. Адвокат Запорожье
Услуги адвоката. Адвокат Запорожье

The prices for legal services provided by the law firm "Advocate Zaporozhye" are approximate and serve only for an approximate assessment, since each case is a whole separate world of subtleties and trifles, without the knowledge of which it is almost impossible to win a case.

A more accurate cost is established in each specific case, after familiarization with all the details of the case and the developed tactics of defense or attack.

However, based on our experience and our legal practice, we can say that two types of attorney fees are widely used:

1. Phased payment of work.

The fee is paid in installments (this allows you to monitor the activities of a lawyer and keep abreast of all events in the case, paying only for the necessary work - drafting and filing the claims, applications, petitions, complaints you need, assigning expert examinations, participating in court hearings, etc.)

2. Full payment for the work of a lawyer in the case.

It is mainly used when the client does not want to take part in the case, but only wants to get the result, as soon as possible. 


Comprehensive management of a civil, economic or administrative case, in this case, will be from UAH 3,000 to 10,000, criminal proceedings - from UAH 10,000 to 40,000. This amount will include the full support of the case by a lawyer until a court decision is made. At the same time, the presence of the customer in court is not obligatory (except for criminal cases, where the client is the accused person). The lawyer will deal with the case until the court makes a decision / verdict, regardless of how long the process will take and how many court sessions will need to be attended.

What form of payment for services you want to choose is up to you and your lawyer. At the same time, regardless of the form of payment, the lawyer guarantees you strict adherence to the lawyer's secrecy and the application of maximum efforts to achieve the desired result. Our ideology is based on such a concept as the PRIORITY OF CUSTOMER TRUST, therefore we treat each case and problem of the client as our own, using combined approaches to achieve the desired result.

Please note that our legal assistance is provided (not by lawyers, interns and "human rights activists" as in other law firms in Zaporozhye), but only by lawyers who have passed the appropriate exams and received, in accordance with the established procedure, Certificates of advocacy

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